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Welcome to Attica with the Capital City Athens & Piraeus Harbour

Click to open large map in popup ...Attica is the region containing Athens, capital of Greece, the birthplace of Democracy. With a pleasant, dry, Mediterranean climate, washed by the celebrated Attic light it is full of memories from the past.

Attica borders Sterea Ellada (Central Greece) to the north and the Saronic Gulf to the south. In Sounion, the sanctuaries of Poseidon and Athena, in Vravrona the sanctuary of Artemis, in Rhamnous that of Nemesis, in Marathon the famous victory of the Greeks against the Persians, in Eleusis (Elefsina) the sanctuary of Demeter, as well as Byzantine monuments such as Kaisariani and Daphni monasteries.

Another special characteristic is the great variety of landscapes -from its beautiful mountains Parnitha, Penteli, and Hymettus to the seaside, teeming with life, especially in the summer, around the clock to daybreak.

Click to open large map in popup ...Surrounded by stunning seas and mountains, the traveler-friendly city of Athens is filled with gems waiting to be discovered: renowned archaeological sites and museums; modern art galleries; concert halls and operas; luxury hotels and spas; fashionable shops, restaurants and bars; street markets and bazaars; ancient theatres, 150 modern theatres, 200 cinemas, 100 outdoor cinemas; 300 sun-drenched days.

Athens is safe all around the clock and easy to get around. And the successful hosting of the summer 2004 Olympic Games brought forth major improvements in the city’s infrastructure and accommodation facilities that will make your stay a pleasant one. Lovers of culture and nightlife will want to experience the vibrant Athenian lifestyle, food and cosmopolitan buzz. Parents and children are sure to have memory-filled days at the fun parks, playgrounds, beaches and zoos.

Athens is always in season with comfortable and favorable climate conditions for travel and sightseeing. Summer means outdoor cinemas, spectacular performances in ancient amphitheatres and sun swept days and indulges. Early autumn means much of the same, only cooler.

Winter is one of Athens' best-kept secrets: a time of cozy outdoor gatherings at cafes brimming with heated lamps and hot coffee, toasty warm weekends at nearby mountain villas and a holiday sparkling with lights from the Acropolis and beyond.

Spring is an Athens favorite, a precursor to its famed summers with warm temperatures and fragrant jasmine-filled scents in the air that inspire shopping along its main boulevards and tiny cobblestone streets.


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Athens, the capital city of Greece, is situated at the southeastern tip in Attica on Greece's Mainland. It is a mythic city, the birthplace of democracy, and it has legendary monuments and is immortalised by Nobel prize-winning poets, ancient philosophers and classical dramatists.

Athens is an ideal destination for every age, lifestyle and budget.  Those who wish to plumb the depths of one of the world’s most ancient cultures will marvel at the city’s archaeological sites and museums.


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Glyfada is one of the most elegant and stylish suburbs of Athens, situated in the southern parts of the Athens Metropolitan Area. The City of Glyfada stretches out from the foot of the Hymettus mountain and reaches out to embrace the Saronic Gulf. It is the largest of Athens' southern suburbs.

The area is known in Greece for its upmarket cafes, well-known restaurants, boutiques and cosmopolitan summer clubs; and its popularity with celebrities, singers, actors, athletes and journalists.


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Kifissia is a suburb, located at 18km north-east of Athens ’s centre. It is one of the city’s wealthy elite’s neighbourhood.

Here you will find some luxurious buildings and shops (offering high standard labels like Valentino, Prada, Chanel and much more), as well as beautiful houses and lots of green.

Kifissia is also a place where you can go out during the night. The numerous classy cafés and bars of the area are the favourite places of the rich youth of Athens.


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Paleo Faliro or Palaio Faliro (meaning Old Faliro) and older forms Palaion Faliron or Paleon Faliron, is a suburb in the southern part of Athens, Greece. The area is famous for its beaches, forming Athens' nearest beach and Piraeus' only beach.

Palaio Faliro has beaches within the Saronic mainly in the western area. The yacht harbour (Marina Alimou) with several piers lies to the south east, while the Trokadero harbour lies to the northwest.


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Piraeus harbour is the Greece’s biggest port and one of the biggest in Europe. For most ferries serving the Islands this is their port of departure. You can walk around the central harbour, shared by cargo and passenger ships alike, and watch the constant comings and goings of goods and people from around the world.

You can in fact continue your walk to another two harbors, Zea and Mikrolimano, which are more touristy and more pleasant for visitors.

Piraeus is not just a harbor, this is a city is full of surprises and unexpected sights worth to explore.


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Markopoulo is a suburban town in southeastern Attica in the Mesogaian plain north of the mountains. The town is located approximately 30km from the center of Athens and only 9km from the International Airport 'Eleftherios Venizelos'.


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Mati (meaning eye) is a holiday resort on the east coast of the Attica region, 29 kilometres (18 miles) east of Athens. Mati is a popular tourist destination harboring several hotels, fish restaurants, tavernas, cafés, bars, night clubs, open air cinemas, sandy beaches, yacht marinas and hotels.

The harbour in nearby Rafina serves as an access point to the Aegean Sea and is frequently used by tourists to reach many of Greece's numerous islands. The Penteli mountains that are covered with forests lie to the west and northwest. Beaches cover the eastern part and restaurants, hotels, and tavernas line the shore.


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Spata, is a town in the eastern part of Athens, Greece, situated on a hill in the heart of the Mesogaian plain. The view of Hymettus is to the west, the southern mountains to the east and the smaller mountains lying east.

Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport covers the eastern portion of Spata and was sometimes known as Spata Airport.

The Athens International airport shopping area is beautiful, with a wide variety of Greek goods, newsstands, pharmacies, and specialty food shops in addition to clothing stores and food-court type restaurants.


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Varkiza, also Alianthos is a partly urbanised area forming part of the municipality of Vari in southern Attica, located east of the Megalo Daktylo (Large Finger). It is located 20 km away from the centre of Athens, 18 km from the new Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. This locality is linked with Poseidonos Avenue (GR-91], and is the second most expensive area in Greece.

Varkiza has a famous beach that is linked with a hotel that includes a tennis court, a park, a field, restaurant, tavern, complexes and more. One of Varkiza's most famous restaurants is "Yabanaki"; patrons dine at the restaurant on the beach, and watch Greek musical artists perform live.

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