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Welcome to the Island of Ikaria

Click to open large map in popup ...Ikaria belongs to the islands complex of Eastern Aegean. It is located to the west of Samos and its first name was Dolichi but it was finally named after the Greek Mythology hero Icarus, the first man that ever managed to fly.

Ikaria's climate is delightful and its landscape presents an admirable variety from steep rocks to beautiful beaches. A mountain-chain called Atheras runs through the island separating it in two parts. The peaks' altitude varies from 600 to 1040 meters. The mountains are full of gorges, trees and rivers. The island's climate is mild and it has radiant curative fountains.

Ikaria is the place of the famed black dry wine called 'Pramnios' that is known from the works of Homer.

Ikaria's beauty is exceptional. Its beaches (Evdilos, Faros, Armenistis) are impressive as well as Nas with the remains of the ancient temple devoted to Artemis. Mesakti and Gialiskari are among the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean.


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Agios Kirykos is the administrative capital of Ikaria and the Ikaria Prefecture. It was named after Saint Kyrikos, the youngest martyr of the Eastern Orthodox Church, who suffered death at the age of three in Asia Minor. To Him is devoted the cathedral church of the town.

Points of interest include the old school, the archaeological museum, the traditional square, the brass band performing at feast days since 1928, the stadium in Patela, which hosted the 10th Pan-Aegean Games, the statue of Skepsi (thinking woman), the altar of the flame for the Aerathletic international IKARIADA Games and the Lefkada Annunciation medieval monastery.


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Armenistis is a small sea-side settlement in the northern part of Ikaria west of Evdilos and just past Gialiskari. Armenistis is a small fishing village with a picturesque harbor, its parich church dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of sailors, and the few year-round houses of its inhabitants.

In recent years it has become a major tourism center for the island while still retaining a relaxed and traditional atmosphere.

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Women's Holidays

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Women's Holidays

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